Personal Injury

Why should you sue over an injury?

Because your injury could cause lasting physical and emotional damage, leading to long-term pain and financial strain. Legal action is often the best way to provide support during long recovery periods and assist family members who are shouldering your burdens while you’re incapacitated.

If you’re injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident, or if a loved one is a victim of wrongful death through someone else’s negligence, I can help you:

  • Recover money lost due to medical bills and/or lost wages
  • Make sure you’re compensated for your pain and suffering

Let me guide you through the stressful and confusing process of demanding the compensation you deserve. You need an attorney who knows how to negotiate a quick, out-of-court settlement but isn’t afraid to take your case to trial if insurance companies aren’t treating you fairly. I will aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve through investigation, gathering of evidence, filing insurance claims, negotiating a settlement, and pursuing litigation as needed.

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